WWGD? What Would Greeny Do?

Some of the funny parents in my classes told me that at home, when their children are being challenging, they ask themselves, “What would Greeny do?”

Go ahead and send me some of the challenges you experience by filling out the form below. When questions come up, especially if many people ask the same question, I will blog about it.


2 thoughts on “WWGD? What Would Greeny Do?”

  1. Dear Greeny,

    I enjoy your blog very much and many other of your words of wisdom/articles I’ve enjoyed receiving via friends.

    I noticed today that you mention beginning to lead a Simplicity Parenting group for parents….will you post info about this when you are ready? I dearly love that book and the idea of YOU plus that BOOK, makes me happy and something i’d love to be a part of someday.

    Kate Jordan

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