About The Author: Colette Green

About Colette Green:

During my 20 years of Waldorf early childhood teaching experience (kindergarten, preschool, parent-child classes, mentoring), the most enjoyable aspect has been collaborating with parents to help bring to fruition the bounty of each child.  By exploring and acknowledging our own belief systems and carefully observing our children and their needs, we can gain the confidence to guide them well. The goal of Reflections on Parenting is to host a space where ideas can be shared that will allow us the freedom to assimilate our parenting ideas and abilities and truly enjoy raising the precious children given into our care. All children go through a natural progression of stages to reach adulthood and at times experience discomfort. Having the knowledge to recognize the developmental stages and the wisdom to allow them to unfold, can help us become strong anchors, while each unique youngster sails a smooth or bumpy (at times) course through life’s lessons. Challenging? Yes. But it can be fun to help one another navigate the trip. And what task could be more important!

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